Thursday, May 28, 2015

Yard Sailing

      We went yard sailing 2-3 weekends ago and I found a lot of good finds, this post has been a draft for weeks now and I haven't had the time to complete this; however due to my parents going on a movie date in honor of their 21rst wedding anniversary so I have time to complete this post; congrats mom and dad!!!

My first item is a jewelry box with a faux leather finish and clear gloss on the top. On the side is a place to lock the box. Price $3
Sorry for all the pictures of this one, haha. This is an eggbeater from 1921. It was made in the US and I'm honestly really fascinated by it. Price $1

These are decorated bullet shells, I'm using them as singular flower vases. Price $1 each

These suitcases are from the 50's and are in the best of condition! Price $1 each

I actually got this beautiful glass clock for free, special thanks to my neighbors :)

This retro looking mustard tin is from the 50's, and yes as scary as it sounds it still had mustard in it... but I emptied it and cleaned it thoroughly using it now for decoration. Price 25 cents 

Considering I got this for 25 cents I don't think this little box is real silver; however it is made in Japan and is pretty cute.

Old Avon perfume bottle shaped as a white elephant... How cool! Price 10 cents

The key part of this little wooden box doesn't function... and the inside is pretty rough, It's beautiful and works as a "junk drawer" but in the box form it's in. Price 50 cents

Honestly I have no idea why I bought this... For some odd reason I had to have this thing. It's a little wooden sculpture from Jamaica and  looks to be hand carved. The phrase "No Problems" is edged into the side. Price $1

This is a baret I picked up more for decoration rather then a hat. Price 25 cents  

This is a long thin box with a lot of famous landmarks in England such as Big Ben. I'm using it for all my drawing materials.

I discovered this ceder chest for $3. I'm using it to store some of my favorite books in. 

This is a wooden decoration, Price 10 cents.

How adorable is this little 2x3 frame? Price 50 cents 

I absolutely love this scarf! Price $1

I bought this hat for 15 cents. It's actually really soft and fuzzy.

{Sorry for the blurry picture} This sweater was only 50 cents. It's manufactured by one of my favorite brands, Route 66!

Okay, I've seen a gazillion dictionaries in my lifetime, but one that's 6 inches thick?!? How cool! It's from 1989 and the price of $5 is more then I typically spend for a book at a yard sale; I had to have this one!

Although a little dusty I loved the look of this bracelet holder! Price $2

Let me first start off by saying I love ocean city Maryland (the place where it was sold at), and this little box is pretty nifty. I'm using it for a place to put my ear buds in and two of my favorite rings. Price 25 cents

American Eagle handbag? Not only do I love American Eagle but there merchandise is really expensive, so when I found this bag for $1 I couldn't pass it up! 

I've been interested in tennis for a while now... I did some research on rackets and well they're are to say the least expensive. This particular racket I picked up with the case is $400. However the handle needs to be re-rapped... I tried using it and the purple dye made my hand purple... other then that and some dust its brand new! Price $4

These two rolls of fabric {5x5} were $1 each.

Okay, some of you may know I like older things. Old books, retro fashion, etc.but this newspaper was printed in Dec. 1894, the stories and the adds are intriguing. For example there is an add in there about organs and pianos for $25... cool!

This is a Boho style purse I bought for 50 cents.

More old books! 50 cents - $1 each

This Victorian style frame has a small crack in the glass. With the picture I put in it it's not even noticeable! Price 50 cents

Victorian style lamp shade... Free once again from the neighbors!

A handmade and painted Stine Free

This is a large Paris themed canvas which is now located on the back of my door.

This MTV Aeropostale Sweatshirt is massive on me but its awesome, $3

Fashionable, grey toned, classy dress $5

This cardigan is supper warm and has a pretty mix of grey's, and white 25 cents 

Free fleece kitten blanket, because one can never have enough blankets!!! 

Yay, more old books! 10 cents - $1

A Victorian style decoration, 50 cents 

A Victorian Style pin, 25 cents

A Victorian style choker... 25 cents

Mini decorative tray, 10 cents 

Boho chic style hanging organizer. I'm using this for my headphones! Price $1

{Another item from OC. Maryland!} My mom got a kick out of this piece... I'm always loosing my glasses!!! Price 25 cents 

This is a vintage style, enhanced blue, purse Price 25 cents

Got this Victorian looking frame in the Free bin.

I've been in desperate need of a good jewelry box. And for $1, I got my wish! 

And lastly being a fashion lover I've always wanted a prescription of fashion magazines...  Delema? I'm not rich... So I picked these copies up at a yard sale for $6. Never even read! 

I hope you enjoyed my yard sailing post as much as I enjoy yard sailing! 

Here's a funny to wrap up my post,

Haha, who's with me?
Have a good one,
Hugs from Hayley

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