Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Years Eve

         I always get emotional going though pictures from the past year. I think it's a mix of the tough year and me just seeing everything that's happened good and bad. Even though it was one of my tougher years I don't think I'd change a thing. And with all that happened over this past year I'm thankful for where it brought me because in a weird way (that I couldn't explain with words) I know the greater plan is working everything out.

You know your childhood is over when you and your best friend break a swingset

My favorite kicks

The movie pixels was great

I lost my Grandpop <3

More shoes

One of my favorite nights of this year was in August when we went to the One Direction concert

My camera zoomed all the way in on stage and they just came out of a fist bump

I went with my best friend Caity

We saw a another friend at the concert

We're a mess

I'm wishing everyone a blessed and happy New Year
Hugs From Hayley 

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Message to my Generation

A message to my generation
by - Molly Kate Kestner

This poem sums up our generation perfectly, and once again brings out my love for poetry
Hugs from Hayley

"Couples Therapy"

Every Thursday I go to couples therapy with my depression. He whispers in my ears to stay in bed for another day, presses his palm to my chest afraid I'm going to escape the covers. After I scrape myself out of the shower I still smell like him. Like midnight panic attacks, like first in basis with CBS pharmacist, like I'm not hungry I already had a Rice Krispies treat today. Our sessions with our therapists are 50 minutes. We spent that time restating the same issues to her. We've been on again, off gain since high school, but this time it has been a solid year that got to me into getting serious.
She asks about my appetite. No, I haven't been eating but he likes me skinny, it makes it easier for him to be big spoon, it's like I disappear in him, like his body swallows mine. She asks if I have done anything with my friends lately. Not in a while, we usually stay-in. My friends aren't that thrilled when we are out together. That's what happens when you've been with someone so long. She asks if anything has changed since I started with the Zoloft. He digs his nails into the chair, grates his teeth, she asks me again. He gets jealous, but Zoloft treats me well.Takes me to breakfast in the morning, feeds me French toast. He got mad though; something like cheating on him, threatening to take out the scissors so I threatened to see Zoloft even more; all of them. Allat once; I almost did.
She asks if that was the night took me to the health center. "Yeah, but it was just one time." And the nurse said no visitors, takes Zoloft away from me, so we got to spend some quality time as a couple again. Our therapist thinks I'm only with him because my father called mother a whore, or because I still sometimes wish I were straight or because I have never had a serious love life. She doesn't understand this is the most serious relationship I have ever had. She says time's up, come back next week. He mutters, “Fine." under my breath, slams the door on our way out. Our therapist said that there have been improvements over the past few weeks; that he and I would probably always be together, but that I'll be more independent soon.
Lately, I've started thinking more about that. Mornings when I wake up hungry. My body remembers how to live the matters on its own, feel its arm shrink from my waist for a few hours, so I can finish a poem. Watch, "Pats and Rick". Eat a sandwich; make the bed without crawling back in even when he says that without him I would be a guarded house, scraped clean, creaking and caving in. Sometimes I still think he's right, but last week I stepped on to the scale I gained three pounds. It's only three pounds but it's all me. It's all me.

By - Patrick Roche

While this poem doesn't apply to me it gave me chills. This guys interpretation of depression and the situation shows his talent and brings out my love for therapy.

Hope you enjoy
Hugs from Hayley

Saturday, December 19, 2015

It's Christmas Time Again

Photo creds to mom

         Today is the first day it started feeling like winter. Where I live the weather has been warm and almost spring feeling. We had dandelions in our front yard. In December. I don't typically like too much snow or cold weather period but my allergies are ridiculous because Mother Nature can't make up her mind.
      We have always rescued our animals and this year we decided to adopt again. We weren't planning to adopt another animal we're still grieving over the loss of our border Collie Cooper; that is until we saw the cats at Petco. Mom, Kathleen, and I went to Petco randomly while shopping for dad's Christmas gift. We saw another cat in there that was older and decided to come back with dad later on. We ended up coming back later and not connecting with this cat. So I looked up some shelters in the area and found a shelter near by that was having a holiday special, lowering their cat adoption fees to $5. One thing led to another and Mirabelle is the newest edition to our family in time for Christmas.
On the last day of school Chad and I dressed up in Ugly sweaters
 -Hugs From Hayley

Friday, December 11, 2015

Shane Koyczan the "Hilarious and the Haunting"

(Overlook the cursing) 

To This Day ... for the bullied and beautiful

Going with my little poetry theme tonight I decided to shared this last one that I find both hilarious and Haunting. While watching this video I laughed, teared up, and got chills. 
It's worth 15 minutes of your time I promise!
Goodnight everyone,
Hugs from Hayley

"High School Training Ground"

Random selfie from my first YouTube video

 At 7:45 a.m., I open the doors to a building dedicated to building, yet only breaks me down. I march down hallways cleaned up after me every day by regular janitors, but I never have the decency to honor their names. Lockers left open like teenage boys' mouths when teenage girls wear clothes that covers their insecurities but exposes everything else. Masculinity mimicked by men who grew up with no fathers, camouflage worn by bullies who are dangerously armed but need hugs. Teachers paid less than what it costs them to be here. Oceans of adolescents come here to receive lessons but never learn to swim, part like the Red Sea when the bell rings.
 This is a training ground. My high school is Chicago, diverse and segregated on purpose. Social lines are barbed wire. Labels like "Regulars" and "Honors" resonate. I am an Honors but go home with Regular students who are soldiers in territory that owns them. This is a training ground to sort out the Regulars from the Honors, a reoccurring cycle built to recycle the trash of this system.
 Trained at a young age to capitalize, letters taught now that capitalism raises you but you have to step on someone else to get there. This is a training ground where one group is taught to lead and the other is made to follow. No wonder so many of my people spit bars, because the truth is hard to swallow. The need for degrees has left so many people frozen.
 Homework is stressful, but when you go home every day and your home is work, you don't want to pick up any assignments. Reading textbooks is stressful, but reading does not matter when you feel your story is already written, either dead or getting booked. Taking tests is stressful, but bubbling in a Scantron does not stop bullets from bursting.
 I hear education systems are failing, but I believe they're succeeding at what they're built to do -- to train you, to keep you on track, to track down an American dream that has failed so many of us all. -Malcolm London

 I don't live in Chicago but this poem still means a lot to me and I assume my fellow teenagers everywhere all over the 50 states and possibly even across the world. I felt the need to share this with everyone because I walk through the "Red Sea" 5/7 days out of the week and see kids who need to be reminded that they aren't alone.
Stay strong (:
Hugs from Hayley

Monkey Bars

 You were like a monkey bar and I held on.
It was fun at first
my feet dangling high above the ground,
but then blisters formed,
and my pale hands,
they started to sweat;
I started to slip
but kept my grip
refusing to look down.
I adjusted my hands
trying to hold on
to something that was holding back.

 - Written by me of corse
I don't know how much I love this one but it just kinda came to me so why not write it out?
Hugs from Hayley

Sweater Weather

My OOTD (Outfit of the day)
Sweater Kohl's - On sale for $4.20
Skirt  Macy's - $20 (I loved the skirt so much I actually payed full price guys)
 Over-sized beanie - $20 custom made in Burton Ohio
Combats Burlington - $20 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Dream and explosion

Recently I had a dream about my friend dying. It started when I was in school, my cell phone kept ringing and after the 5th call I picked up. It was my friends mom and I tried to tell Mrs. Tara I couldn't talk right now because I was in class. She started to cry and said no Hayley it was Breanne... and that she was dead. I exited the room my teacher frantically yelling after me telling me to stop. I started to screaming "No" my screams echoing down the halls. I started punching the lockers before I sank to my knees crying. Scenes changed and I stood on a podium giving a speech to the people around me. Everyone dressed in black and the color sucked out of every person in the room. Scenes changed yet again and now I sat in school bags under my eyes and my cheeks red and puffy. 

There wasn't much more to the dream and I actually put it on the back burner for a week. So why am I telling you about this now or at all?

I was sitting at the kitchen table a few days back drowning in homework when mom called me. She first asked me what street my friend Breanne lived on; after giving her the address she asked me to call her panicked. As I dialed her number mom told me That there had been a toxic waste explosion on her street blowing up a whole house. Breanne's street goes on for several blocks but this still made me panic. As the phone rang the dream came flooding back and I started to cry as four calls went to voicemail. I called her mom then tried her cell again. This time she picked up right away. 
The amusing and reliving part is she was completely oblivious that an explosion had even happened; while I'm 7-8 hours away and I know what's happening a few doors down from her. 
She was fine and only one man was injured in the explosion but it was still too close for my liking. 
I don't know about you but I personally couldn't live without my best friend;
And as much as she knows I love her and as much as I know I love her the explosion proved that you don't know what tomorrow could bring or what it could take away.
What's wrong with my eye???

If you're reading this Breanne, please stay in my life forever because you're one of the best things that's ever happened to me.
I love you with all my heart.
Hugs from 200 miles away <3

My Youtube Account!

Antique Haul

Antique book Haul
Not all my videos are going to end up being about antiques but these are the first videos I came up with. Expect an introductory video and a beauty tip video in the near future :)
 Hope everyone's doing well
Hugs from Hayley

Friday, November 6, 2015

Teenage Gift Ideas FOR UNDER $5

 Christmas is coming up and like every year my mom asked me for a list. I gave her a list and thought about it... Many parents probably have the same question. It isn't that you aren't involved as a parent or guardian, you just have a mild case of present-block. Like writers block but for buying presents. Little kids are easier to buy for typically because they make it clear what they want; teens however are overall more reserved and hard to read. Being a teenager myself I've decided to put together a list of things that are "in" right now. Most are somewhat smaller and more stocking suffers but hopefully it helps give you some ideas.

*All captions are links for your convenience*
*These prices don't include shipping*

 *Some of these are one the girly side but most are gender-neutral.*

Maze Pen $1.59

Photo creds to amazon
This may sound like the dumbest thing you've ever heard of but this is defiantly something I'd love and my friends would try to steal from me.

Photo creds to Office playground website
I am not a huge fan of science but the "Newton's Cradle" has always fascinated me; and its a mini model so it's actually pretty cute as well.

Photo creds to amazon
With flashlights on phones nowadays this may seem useless but if your battery's dead this is pretty handy to have on you.

Photo creds to Amazon

Photo creds to Amazon

I have actually never watched star wars but a lot of my friends are into it. Regardless if I'm into it or not a light saver toothbrush is pretty cool (or maybe I'm a loser you tell me).

Personal Pop Art $5
Photo creds to Zummi aand Sebastian
Pop art is amazing, It's the perfect mix of detailed and simple which is why it's so popular today.  This picture was created by Zummi and Sebastian. They are two very popular artist with a lot of talent, five star ratings, and experience in graphic design. They sell there work for five dollars (with exceptions of course) and are highly recommended.

Photo creds to Amazon
Most people may argue that 2 dollars is a lot for a decal; I'm not arguing with you I'm just saying that I'd buy one of these myself for both of my mirrors...
Photo creds to
Yes people this mug self stirs a hot beverage of your choice; but before we go to far please note that this is the item I was talking about with the crazy shipping fees. Even with those shipping fees it cost less then the $30 in stores. To most people this is a waste of money, I see where you're coming from; just get a spoon a mug and hot coco mix and stir it yourself. I, like most teens, like new technology and see these new inventions to be fun and awesome.
Photo creds 5 bellow website

Photo creds 5 bellow website

Photo creds 5 bellow website

Photo creds 5 bellow website

Photo creds 5 bellow website
Graphic tee shirts, big socks, cute hats, and detailed leggings are trending right now and at 5 Below you can get them cheaper then at most other stores.

Photo creds amazon

Okay so all of the necklaces attached to the link provided above are really awesome, I actually have the one above and I love it. Every time I wear it I get complements and the quality is pretty good, especially for the price you pay for it.

Cat Ring
Photo creds eBay

Photo creds eBay
Animal rings are Awesome. No more explanations needed.

Photo creds amazon

photo creds amazon

photo creds amazon
Beanies are "in" right now and there are so many options to choose from. I like over-sized beanies mostly because of my short hair but regular sized ones are cute too.

Shoes for the iPhone
Photo credit etsy
 These are an awesome gift for any apple person of any age or gender. They come in several different colors and work great for when you want to watch a video but don't feel like holding your phone for hours.

I hope this list helped or inspired you in some way!
Happy shopping
~Hugs from Hayley