Sunday, September 4, 2016

Writers Block

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I walk into a piece, I walk out a different being. // - 12 am reading poetry

Hello everyone, 
So I have/had an incredibly cool story in my head, and now I'm turning it into words on a screen and it's suddenly dumb. Oddly, I can't think of the right words for what I'm trying to convey in this one paragraph. I  keep imagining all the reasons people are going to say my story sucks, and it paralyzes me. To put it blatantly, I have writers block. 

It's odd I can imagine my characters well and bits and pieces of the story come to me here and there but I have no idea if I should continue.  My main goal with my writing is impacting. I want to make a difference in someone life. I want my book to have a special place on someone's shelf but my self-doubt is eating me alive... Any tips???

Hope all my writer friends are having better luck than me,
All the love,
Hugs from Hayley xx