Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Hello Loves, 
I apologize for not posting much lately, things have been pretty busy lately... hope everyone is well!
Photo creds to Mom
Our X - neighbors recently came up to visit and it was sad to see them go; we had a lot of fun and I hope to see them once more before the summer comes to an end.



So I'm always looking for new products, clothing, etc. and I came across a product called Dry shampoo. Now I'm not sure why I haven't heard of this but I was watching a you-tube video and a tuber recommended this as a must have. Not only is this amazing for those 
I-took-a-freaking-shower-last-night-but-my-hair-looks-gross days. Now buying this product only a few days ago I haven't experimented with all the brands out there yet but Herbal Essences works nicely. I find that if you spray the shampoo too close to your head it will have a hairspray feel... however no matter what you do with this stuff your hair is always soft and smells amazing. It also keeps your hair somewhat in place; so in a way it's like a light hairspray (because it doesn't smell like chemical and it doesn't make your hair look fake, it actually makes it soft) and shampoo (no stripping or water required) in one! It's defiantly worth a try!


A new movie came out recently called McFarland USA. The movie was produced by Disney and was really inspirational (As most Disney movies are). If you're looking for a movie to connect to or be touched by McFarland USA is a good one. 


A picture I took of a dragonfly, look at those wings!

I'm going to top this off with off with a small rant. 

I am all about expressing yourself, however I am not a fan of tattoos, piercings, or hair dying. To me these three things give off the wrong vibes. If you're walking around with a metal face and purple hair chances are it's going to be hard to find employers and respect from most people.  The lack of respect comes from the image you betray, lack of self respect. I mean honestly, - it shows a disrespect for your body. Punching holes, damaging hair, forcing unnatural looks. Aside from disrespecting yourself it's not attractive. I have a lot of guy friends that I talk to regularly and only one claimed that tattoos were attractive however I got discussed looks when I mentioned the piercings and hair dye. 
"Ultimately," my close friend states. "True love has nothing to do with piercings or what she wears etc. etc. but I'm not attracted to it, like at all. Like, one piercing is alright in your ear. Or two in your ear but other then that...eww. I think a woman or girl or whatever should respect herself before she expects anyone else to like respect her." Words of wisdom from my 14 year old guy friend. 
Along with disrespecting yourself and sending off bad vibes...

-not all piercings heal.
-some require surgery to 'fix' (stretching lobes for instance.)
-piercings can cause scars.
-dying your hair damages it, and once you dye once it's difficult to stop (letting the roots grow out irritates a lot of people so they have to dye again and again and again.)
-dying your hair is unnatural, using chemicals to damage your hair so that it will accept an unnatural hair color. If you're trying to figure out who you are, I don't understand why you think unnatural methods will help.
-schools often have rules against it. 
-it's not about 'being yourself' it's about 'following the trend.' If you want to be yourself and figure out who you are... you don't do it by trying different trends and fashions, you do it by learning who you are and loving yourself.  

And with that I'm concluding my UPDATES post,  
Hugs from Hayley 

Monday, July 20, 2015

One Direction Concert

Since the day they started in 2010 I have been a fan of One Direction. To most One Direction is a cliché boy band from The UK; but to me they're so much more. They're my idols and in a weird way they're my friends. Friends because there music touches me and idols because they went for their dreams, even if it meant singing with 4 strangers to get there. Friends because they were there for me while others dropped out, and idols because they didn't let The fame and fortune get to their heads. Their music in itself is like a friend to me because it speaks to, and in an odd way the music understands. 
Say what ever you want but I'm not the only one who's been helped by their music...

Again judge me all you want but I truly believe music can heal people, that it goes strait from your ears to the soul; which is why when I heard I was going to a One Direction concert I flipped out! I screamed cried the whole nine yards (my mature, cool, and collected side disappeared momentarily). I have been waiting 5 years to see them so this concert means that much more to me as you can imagine. 
Despite my desire to meet them being beyond any scale the likeliness of me meeting them is slim; so I'm going to wrap up this post by writing what I would say to them
"Thank you for all the laughs, and your incredible music and everything in-between, I love you guys."

-Hugs from Hayley

Sunday, July 12, 2015

My Adventure Books

      Everyone has seen the movie UP, and if you haven't shame on you, shame on your family, and shame on your cow (Just a little Disney humor).   Anyway in the movie there is an adventure book of a little boy who grows into a man, with his best friend by his side. They end up getting married and he ends up having a book about all of his adventures. As an old man he looks back on these adventures and all  the memories of his wife before she died. I decided I wanted to make a book, better yet two about the story of my life. 
      I found the books (brand new and still in the wrapping) for $1 a piece at our local library's shop. They have 100 pages along with wax paper in-between each page, giving me plenty of room to lay out my own adventures.

      The  letters on the front are cork-board letters that I got on sale for $2.50 a box at Micheal's.  The keys (50 cents) and arrow decals ($1) was also from Michael's. 

PA. stands for Part (part one)

 (part two)

^^^This is my first pages of my book. Featuring my first house, facts about my birth, and baby pictures. This is the one from the movie that I based mine off of.


I'll give you updates on my book over time<3

~Hugs from Hayley

Quote for the Day

"Every human walks around with a certain kind of sadness. They may not wear it on their sleeves, but it's there if you look deep."

Taraji P. Henson
 -Hugs from Hayley

Gifts from the Grandparents


      As many of you may know I've taken a liking to  "old stuff" over the last few months. The amount of books and antiques I collect and own makes me an Antiquarian. Anyway I've had a list of things that I thought would be cool to find. Three things on that list was an old camera, a old telephone, and a typewriter. An old camera because I love photography, an old phone because I love playing with the buttons (its not all serious people), and a type writer because I'm obsessed with them. The noise they make, the way they look, and (because I'm a writer) what they helped people do. 
       My Grandparents came up three weeks ago and actually bout these things for me!!! They got them as gifts for my good grades first bringing out the camera; followed by the telephone. I was already hyped about the Brownie camera, from '46, and the old telephone from the '30s (they're really heavy by the way); so when they surprised me with a Remington Rand, 1934, noiseless, typewriter that I've been obsessing over 4 months now I almost lost my mind. 
     Thanks again Nana and Poppop, ily
~Hugs from Hayley


Caught up in my Camera Again!

Just some random shots...
-Hugs from Hayley

Just a Friendly Reminder That you Don't Have to be Skinny to beBeautiful

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Earth to Hayley... I mean Echo

I've cried over a ton of movies. The notebook, The book Thief, The fault in our stars, etc. I cry for the characters in these movies and for their situation not mine. This didn't make it any less emotional of course at the time, but after watching the movie called Earth to Echo... All those movies are just good movies and nothing more. Earth To Echo, a pg kids movie, has hit me harder then a baseball bat ever could and and has touched me more then any other movie or story I've watched and read. According to Google the summary of this movie is as follows,
  1. "After a construction project begins in their neighborhood, best friends Tuck (Brian "Astro" Bradley), Alex (Teo Halm) and Munch (Reese C. Hartwig) begin receiving strange, encoded messages on their cell phones. They immediately inform their parents and the authorities, but when no one takes them seriously, the youths decide to crack the code themselves and trace the messages to their source. The youths' curiosity leads them to a robotic extraterrestrial who desperately needs their help."

    I've heard from everyone that this movie sucks and that it was a knockoff of E.T. But I guess I really can't go off of people's opinion anymore because this movie has put me in tears for an hour now. Maybe the sources that mislead me to believe that Earth to Echo was just another movie didn't see the power in this movie. Or maybe they just haven't been in my shoes. Either way it doesn't change the fact that this movie was about a lot more then Sci-fi and returning home a little Alien three kids named Echo. This movie was about friendship. Real friends people. I've never been one for the whole gossip thing, rumors, etc, but this movie made it seem pointless. Distance, sports, weight, race, arrogance, Narrow mindedness, fake people, fake promises, FAKE FRIENDS...Pointless and irrelevant. It made excuses foreign but forgiveness as important as a friend. Who are these people that stop being your friend for any reason these days. What is that? No you stick with a friend through the hard times and the good ones. You stick with a friend during that move and the years that follow. *Spoiler Alert* During this movie 3/4 best friends moved in completely different directions. Several years later they met up again and act like nothing ever happened. They mentioned that, "Distance is a mind game. No matter where you are in the universe distance won't break a true friendship." This movie opened my eyes, my brain, as well as close all the old doors and opened the new. 

    Although that was indeed a rant I'm at a loss for words with this movie. I've always been intrigued and felt connections with characters in any story (movies and books) but I've never connected so much with characters before. *spoiler alert* This whole movie was about returning this little Alien dude back to his planet while going on this wild adventure on their last night together before they all moved. The adventures reminded me of my own with my friends back in Pa. The characters all being in their own little 3-friend-groupe because they didn't fit in with anyone else as always been me and my friends. The open minded-ness and outcast-ness of these individuals reminded me so much of myself. Then the whole "last night" thing, the big night before the first friend moved, I too spent it with my very best friend. And then on top of all this the move itself and how it didn't separate me from my three best true friends.
    So I guess I'll end this by saying if you have the chance PLEASE watch Earth to Echo, it might touch you like it touched me
    ~Hugs From Hayley