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Hello Loves, 
I apologize for not posting much lately, things have been pretty busy lately... hope everyone is well!
Photo creds to Mom
Our X - neighbors recently came up to visit and it was sad to see them go; we had a lot of fun and I hope to see them once more before the summer comes to an end.



So I'm always looking for new products, clothing, etc. and I came across a product called Dry shampoo. Now I'm not sure why I haven't heard of this but I was watching a you-tube video and a tuber recommended this as a must have. Not only is this amazing for those 
I-took-a-freaking-shower-last-night-but-my-hair-looks-gross days. Now buying this product only a few days ago I haven't experimented with all the brands out there yet but Herbal Essences works nicely. I find that if you spray the shampoo too close to your head it will have a hairspray feel... however no matter what you do with this stuff your hair is always soft and smells amazing. It also keeps your hair somewhat in place; so in a way it's like a light hairspray (because it doesn't smell like chemical and it doesn't make your hair look fake, it actually makes it soft) and shampoo (no stripping or water required) in one! It's defiantly worth a try!


A new movie came out recently called McFarland USA. The movie was produced by Disney and was really inspirational (As most Disney movies are). If you're looking for a movie to connect to or be touched by McFarland USA is a good one. 


A picture I took of a dragonfly, look at those wings!

I'm going to top this off with off with a small rant. 

I am all about expressing yourself, however I am not a fan of tattoos, piercings, or hair dying. To me these three things give off the wrong vibes. If you're walking around with a metal face and purple hair chances are it's going to be hard to find employers and respect from most people.  The lack of respect comes from the image you betray, lack of self respect. I mean honestly, - it shows a disrespect for your body. Punching holes, damaging hair, forcing unnatural looks. Aside from disrespecting yourself it's not attractive. I have a lot of guy friends that I talk to regularly and only one claimed that tattoos were attractive however I got discussed looks when I mentioned the piercings and hair dye. 
"Ultimately," my close friend states. "True love has nothing to do with piercings or what she wears etc. etc. but I'm not attracted to it, like at all. Like, one piercing is alright in your ear. Or two in your ear but other then that...eww. I think a woman or girl or whatever should respect herself before she expects anyone else to like respect her." Words of wisdom from my 14 year old guy friend. 
Along with disrespecting yourself and sending off bad vibes...

-not all piercings heal.
-some require surgery to 'fix' (stretching lobes for instance.)
-piercings can cause scars.
-dying your hair damages it, and once you dye once it's difficult to stop (letting the roots grow out irritates a lot of people so they have to dye again and again and again.)
-dying your hair is unnatural, using chemicals to damage your hair so that it will accept an unnatural hair color. If you're trying to figure out who you are, I don't understand why you think unnatural methods will help.
-schools often have rules against it. 
-it's not about 'being yourself' it's about 'following the trend.' If you want to be yourself and figure out who you are... you don't do it by trying different trends and fashions, you do it by learning who you are and loving yourself.  

And with that I'm concluding my UPDATES post,  
Hugs from Hayley 

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