Monday, July 20, 2015

One Direction Concert

Since the day they started in 2010 I have been a fan of One Direction. To most One Direction is a cliché boy band from The UK; but to me they're so much more. They're my idols and in a weird way they're my friends. Friends because there music touches me and idols because they went for their dreams, even if it meant singing with 4 strangers to get there. Friends because they were there for me while others dropped out, and idols because they didn't let The fame and fortune get to their heads. Their music in itself is like a friend to me because it speaks to, and in an odd way the music understands. 
Say what ever you want but I'm not the only one who's been helped by their music...

Again judge me all you want but I truly believe music can heal people, that it goes strait from your ears to the soul; which is why when I heard I was going to a One Direction concert I flipped out! I screamed cried the whole nine yards (my mature, cool, and collected side disappeared momentarily). I have been waiting 5 years to see them so this concert means that much more to me as you can imagine. 
Despite my desire to meet them being beyond any scale the likeliness of me meeting them is slim; so I'm going to wrap up this post by writing what I would say to them
"Thank you for all the laughs, and your incredible music and everything in-between, I love you guys."

-Hugs from Hayley

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