Friday, November 6, 2015

Teenage Gift Ideas FOR UNDER $5

 Christmas is coming up and like every year my mom asked me for a list. I gave her a list and thought about it... Many parents probably have the same question. It isn't that you aren't involved as a parent or guardian, you just have a mild case of present-block. Like writers block but for buying presents. Little kids are easier to buy for typically because they make it clear what they want; teens however are overall more reserved and hard to read. Being a teenager myself I've decided to put together a list of things that are "in" right now. Most are somewhat smaller and more stocking suffers but hopefully it helps give you some ideas.

*All captions are links for your convenience*
*These prices don't include shipping*

 *Some of these are one the girly side but most are gender-neutral.*

Maze Pen $1.59

Photo creds to amazon
This may sound like the dumbest thing you've ever heard of but this is defiantly something I'd love and my friends would try to steal from me.

Photo creds to Office playground website
I am not a huge fan of science but the "Newton's Cradle" has always fascinated me; and its a mini model so it's actually pretty cute as well.

Photo creds to amazon
With flashlights on phones nowadays this may seem useless but if your battery's dead this is pretty handy to have on you.

Photo creds to Amazon

Photo creds to Amazon

I have actually never watched star wars but a lot of my friends are into it. Regardless if I'm into it or not a light saver toothbrush is pretty cool (or maybe I'm a loser you tell me).

Personal Pop Art $5
Photo creds to Zummi aand Sebastian
Pop art is amazing, It's the perfect mix of detailed and simple which is why it's so popular today.  This picture was created by Zummi and Sebastian. They are two very popular artist with a lot of talent, five star ratings, and experience in graphic design. They sell there work for five dollars (with exceptions of course) and are highly recommended.

Photo creds to Amazon
Most people may argue that 2 dollars is a lot for a decal; I'm not arguing with you I'm just saying that I'd buy one of these myself for both of my mirrors...
Photo creds to
Yes people this mug self stirs a hot beverage of your choice; but before we go to far please note that this is the item I was talking about with the crazy shipping fees. Even with those shipping fees it cost less then the $30 in stores. To most people this is a waste of money, I see where you're coming from; just get a spoon a mug and hot coco mix and stir it yourself. I, like most teens, like new technology and see these new inventions to be fun and awesome.
Photo creds 5 bellow website

Photo creds 5 bellow website

Photo creds 5 bellow website

Photo creds 5 bellow website

Photo creds 5 bellow website
Graphic tee shirts, big socks, cute hats, and detailed leggings are trending right now and at 5 Below you can get them cheaper then at most other stores.

Photo creds amazon

Okay so all of the necklaces attached to the link provided above are really awesome, I actually have the one above and I love it. Every time I wear it I get complements and the quality is pretty good, especially for the price you pay for it.

Cat Ring
Photo creds eBay

Photo creds eBay
Animal rings are Awesome. No more explanations needed.

Photo creds amazon

photo creds amazon

photo creds amazon
Beanies are "in" right now and there are so many options to choose from. I like over-sized beanies mostly because of my short hair but regular sized ones are cute too.

Shoes for the iPhone
Photo credit etsy
 These are an awesome gift for any apple person of any age or gender. They come in several different colors and work great for when you want to watch a video but don't feel like holding your phone for hours.

I hope this list helped or inspired you in some way!
Happy shopping
~Hugs from Hayley

Halloween and a New Song

One Direction is coming out with their new album in a few days and they released one of their songs off the album this afternoon!!! So I did what any normal Directioner would do and put my concert shirt on sat on the couch and put the song on repeat. What a great song!

Recently Kathleen's dance studio had a fire burning half of the dance school, as terrible as it was it could've been worse and they're restoring the damage now. While they restore everything they are hosting the dance classes in an old school. I'm talking originally from the 1800s old. Inspired I took a few pictures including this one. It's so cool to think about all the kids, teachers, and other staff members that roamed these halls and went their separate ways.

"So I say to you ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you." - Luke 11:9

 "Bubble Biker"
For Halloween I was Scar (left in the black), Rachel was a pig, Caity was a witch with the coolest spiderweb eyeliner I've ever seen, Ethan was Jimmy Neutron (One of my childhood Cartoons haha) and Hunter was Gene Simmons from Kiss. I didn't get much candy but it was a fun night!

Hope all is well
~Hugs From Hayley