Who I Am

My name's Hayley Olivia and I'm not so great with introductions...
However I am good at...
Giving advice
And my friends say humor. 
I'm a part of...
 Student Council, 
PEP club, 
Yearbook club, 
And a former member of Power of the Pen (which I completed with a concussion :). 

 I am...
A Freshman in high school,
an artist,
a writer,
a dreamer,
A music enthusiast,
and bad at science...


 My Blog
       I feel like my blogs name, Reflections of Me, accurately describes my blog and myself as a person. I post things about my life, antiques, writing, fashion, crafting, and anything that comes to mind. I post whenever I can, I don't really have a set time or day that a post will be posted.

An Extended Intro
I'm proud to call the United states my home country but I really hope to travel someday. I believe that traveling is an essential to life along with good friends, literature, music, and art. Speaking of traveling I recently moved from a large city to a small town and I have to omit after a year and a half I'm still in culture shock...

My favorite...
 Movie - Earth to Echo
Musical artists - One Direction, Taylor Swift, 5 Seconds of Summer, Bruno Mars, 

Food - Probably Chocolate or pizza 

Store - Rue 21

Thing in my room - My Hanging egg chair and typewriter
Book series - Both series of Percy Jackson 

Bragging Rights
I made it to states in Power of the pen and was ranked 274 out of the whole state of Ohio for young writers out of 8,000(With a concussion) 
School | Antiquarian |
Photography | writing |

Comments? Questions? Concerns?
Contact me @



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