Friday, May 22, 2015

Power Of The Pen

Ignore my face I got up at 5 today for a power of the Pen Tournament... haha

      As much as I miss PA I'm happy I got the chance to experience Power of the Pen. This is a writing composition for chosen excellent writers in 7th and 8th grade, other known as Ohio's award winning educational enhancement program devoted to excellence in creative writing. The process is simple; writers are given a prompt then are given a certain amount of time that they have to create, write, and finish a short story. 
      There are three rounds, districts where you have 45 minutes to write, Regional's with also 45 minutes to write, and finally states (States is a huge honor to get into) the total amount of time you have to write was 35 minutes, unless you made it to the power round in which you would only have 30 minutes. 
      Out of 8,000 top writers in the state of Ohio 350 make it to states. I made it to states along with Raquel (to the left of me in the sunglasses), and the twins Noah (Second one in on the top left) and Ellie (First one on the bottom left). The rest of the team came to states to support up and to be runners (they run our papers from room to room). The pictures above are almost all of my team however some were elsewhere while we took the pictures. Anyway the power round is the top 30 or 35 7th and 8th graders who go and write for one last round. From there they are chosen for individual prizes and high placements (although it helps if most of your team is up there for team awards). The only one who made it to the power round was Ellie, we were so proud of her! Honestly I wasn't upset I didn't make it to the last round it was already awesome that I made it to states with my concussion (hence my shades).
      I didn't get any personal awards but my higher scores accommodated with my teams fellow scores we placed second overall for 8th grade in districts, our seventh grade team placed first in districts, first for eighth grade in Regional's, first for the eighth and seventh grade combined in Regional's, along with many personal awards given to Ellie, including a scholarship for Kent State University and a few "Best of the Best" awards. These are the highest awards given to any member of the Power of the Pen and is based off of the greatest writings of that particular person and is further published in an official Power of the Pen book. Kara also got fist place as an overall writer in districts!!!
      I had a great team this year thanks to all the members of my team,

Raquel, Noah, Ellie, Zoe, Kara, MeiMei, Chad, Mandy, Phillip, Taylor, Lily, Alaina, Caileen, Caity, Rachel, and Mason. Also a special thanks to my family for the ride and support, and of course a great deal of thanks to my coach, Mrs. Lovelace <3

Hugs from 

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