Tuesday, May 12, 2015


      As I was writing a blog post tonight when my cat {Elvis} climbs onto my lap/stomach pushing my laptop down my legs. This not only made me smile but it made me think... This cat, this little fur ball that provides me with so much joy is such a big part of my life. So much so that I don't know how I'd live without him. Then something else dawned on me... He may be a big part of my life, but me, I am his life. Lets face it, I'm going to outlive my cat and his life is what I make it for him. 

~Hugs from Hayley


  1. Hello sweet girl! When did you start a blog????
    XO Kris

  2. :-) We all love Elvis.... Love u too
    Love, Mom

  3. You are so right Hayley. They love unconditional. We are their worlds and I am thinking Elvis has a pretty awesome world.


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~Hugs from Hayley