Saturday, December 19, 2015

It's Christmas Time Again

Photo creds to mom

         Today is the first day it started feeling like winter. Where I live the weather has been warm and almost spring feeling. We had dandelions in our front yard. In December. I don't typically like too much snow or cold weather period but my allergies are ridiculous because Mother Nature can't make up her mind.
      We have always rescued our animals and this year we decided to adopt again. We weren't planning to adopt another animal we're still grieving over the loss of our border Collie Cooper; that is until we saw the cats at Petco. Mom, Kathleen, and I went to Petco randomly while shopping for dad's Christmas gift. We saw another cat in there that was older and decided to come back with dad later on. We ended up coming back later and not connecting with this cat. So I looked up some shelters in the area and found a shelter near by that was having a holiday special, lowering their cat adoption fees to $5. One thing led to another and Mirabelle is the newest edition to our family in time for Christmas.
On the last day of school Chad and I dressed up in Ugly sweaters
 -Hugs From Hayley

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