Monday, May 30, 2016

Where Does the Time go?

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Hey everybody,
      Time has always meant little to me and I'm often late for everything (unless my mom is taking me there then I'm 20 minutes early). I tend to trust the flow of the Universe to take care of everything. 

      These day's though I'm seeing how much of a necessity time management is. Moving means a new school which comes with some challenges, Challenges such as some of my class credits not transferring over to another high school. My AP Science, Spanish, and Geometry didn't transfer. In most cases it does but in my old school was a yearly schedule while this school runs on a block schedule. In order to graduate in a few years I have to get credit for a math class. They decided to give me an online math class which would be okay if I didn't have 5 weeks to complete it. Math is not my strong suit and I only have 18% done since it was just assigned. My "Due Date" is the 10th of June and that's including my final. Never in a million years have I been so stressed out over a math course.
creds to google images
      For anyone out there who has had trouble managing their time I've come up with a cheat list on how to manage your time.

How to capture and keep time - Take Pictures
How to get away from time - Music
How to go to a new time - Read
How to release time - Exhale 
How to describe time - Write 
How to keep track of time - Keep a Diary 
HOW TO TIME MANAGE - Commit to Less and Enjoy More... the less 
you have on yourself, less pressure, the more time you have to enjoy

All the Love,
Hugs from Hayley xx


  1. I love your list of ways to keep time!! So original.

  2. Math.
    Just ugh.
    Good luck finishing...and then celebrate!
    Lovely post. : )

    1. Thank you :) and yes math isn't my favorite...

  3. I have exams starting this Friday and I have not finished half my essays I have to turn I know how your feeling right now. I have never been good with time management and one of my goals is to get a lot better with it. I do hope everything gets better, though! :)

    1. Same to you! and lets be honest, blogging is better then essays.

  4. Good luck with the maths deadline! I'm sure you'll do great! I struggled with maths a lot, and I can only imagine how much mental pain you are in. I think not being in a class would also throw me off cause I'd get so easily distracted! I'm absolutely terrible for always being late for everything, to the point where people just expect me to be late D: I really should work on that! Loved this post :D


    Anne //

    1. Awh Thank you so much Anne :) Typically that is the case with my online course I can't seem to focus and understand what they're doing 99.9% of the time!
      I'm glad you liked the post and hoped it helped in some


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