Friday, June 17, 2016

Oh yes the 70s...

What's up Groovies?
Alright so I know what your thinking... "Hayley is this your car?" Mmm no... no it's not. I wish it was though; Volkswagen has been my favorite car brand since, like, the movie Herbie Goes Banana's. When I saw this car go down the road I mentally screamed because of my love for "double punch bugs." Anyway we were in a parking lot loading groceries into the back of our car when it pulls up beside us. Too busy catching flies I said nothing but dad stepped in and asked the man if I could get a picture beside his car. The guy crossed his arms, nodded and said "yeah go for it, climb up in it if you want too!" then proceeded to walk towards the store. He just trusted me to climb up into his vehicle... 

For anyone new to this blog I've moved quite a bit; my most recent move being from up north to North Carolina. People down here are so different so trusting and it's odd for me because I'm so used to the people up north who may have been skeptical about me even standing next to their car, let alone them telling me to climb inside then walk away! 

Anyway I made sure to get a few pictures. 

I wish they had a candle that captured the smell of the inside of that car. It was a mix of old leather, exhaust, and some kind of Hawaiian air freshener. 

Clearly I'm not ready to drive...

Is it possible to be in love with a car?

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As much as I love the doubles, regular bugs are indeed my favorite. Not the new kind, they're cool but the vintage bugs are where it's at. 

I still have another year until I can drive here in the US but the Volkswagen beetle is my dream car. The first beetle was made in 1945 but I prefer one from the year 1971 or up because that's the year they started making the cars manual (which is easier to drive). 

Speaking of the seventies I recently found these round shades at a store called Earthbound

Now I don't usually pay more then like $5 for anything accessory wise unless I really feel that I need it; I ended up paying 13 for these glasses and I couldn't be happier. 

The glasses kinda inspired this outfit
Dress - $5 at goodwill
Shoes - $2 at Walmart ( told you I didn't pay more the $5 for accessories) 
Necklaces - $2 for a set of three at Claires 

In the process of trying too look cute I saw a bug. 

And then these two in honor of my love of flowers <3

Stay groovy 
Hugs from Hayley


  1. I can't tell you how much fun I think it would be to live in the 70's like I want to really badly. I think about how this generation could be one that people later on want to be in, that's interesting. The glasses you got are super cute. They look great on you!

    1. The seventies seem like a really sweet era in general, I agree! And thank you so much I wear them everywhere :)

  2. More trusting people seems like a positive change! Nice car shoot too.



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