Monday, May 2, 2016

It's May

Hello everyone!

       It feels rather odd that it's already May... Like no, it was just April first yesterday. I can't say I mind it though, I love May, 98 cent flipflops, the beach, and flowers. One thing I noticed was that a lot of people are posting goals for May. They have for other months as well but May seems to be "the month" for a lot of people. Personally I think that's great, goals keep us going; however I'm not going to lie to any of you or myself about monthly goals. Like I said if you can do it that's great, but setting and keeping monthly goals for me is a skill I haven't quite mastered. It's just like chocolate, kudos to you if you can cut it out of your diet because when I tried that it lasted roughly 2 weeks.
      Don't get me wrong I have goals and plans and dreams. As a matter of fact I am considered a "perfectionist" to my friends, my standards are set high and if I really want something done, I'll make it happen. My personality contradicts itself often though because I'm a visionary who's had my collage picked out since I was 12 but I'm also that free spirit who looks at life through rose colored shades; letting the flow of the universe kinda take care of everything. Anyway my carefree side doesn't really make monthly goals if that makes any sense.

      On another note I'd like to show everyone my new addition to my collection of "old Junk." 

      During the move my typewriter managed to get damaged. Not severely, the knob on the right side snapped into a few pieces (it could be fixed with glue) and some of the leather was ripped off the bottom. I won't sugar coat it, I cried. I think it was a mix between knowing how long the piece lasted without having that damage and the pure fact that it was my favorite thing in my collection of antiques. Knowing how upset I was my dad said he'd make it up to me. Two weeks ago we were rummaging around an antique store when we discovered this bad boy. It was manufactured by the Oliver Typewriter Company in 1926, 449,000 of this particular model were produced. The paper is still inside. There are no years on the paper but it's dated Jan. 22. The paper seems to be more like a journal entry describing things he/she did throughout the day. However the page is only half finished which is a shame. 

Wishing everyone the best with their May Goals
Hugs from Hayley xx


  1. Love you and everything about you!!
    Love, Mom :-)

  2. Hey Hayley,
    I hear you on giving up chocolate. I can't. Minimizing the amount I partake of is the best I can hope for! That typewriter! Oh wow! It's a beauty! Thank you for sharing it!

    1. Thank you so much :) She's my pride and joy, haha

  3. AHH So weird to read it's may when may is almost over...

    1. I know right! Where does time go?


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