Monday, January 25, 2016

My Typewriter

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Eliphalet Remington
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         The Remington Rand company was founded by Eliphalet Remington in Ilion, NY, USA (1816). After his oldest son joined the company in 1839 the company became "E. Remington & Sons." 

The company is known for it's guns and typewriters... 
Here are all the models from the RR company.
Clicking on anyone of these link swill take you directly too "Type writer database;"a website that lists the dates of every type writer from every country and every brand.

       To my teenage peers my typewriter is worth the word "cool." To the market its worth roughly $150. But to me my typewriter is priceless. 
       Being an antiquarian I find something unique about any vintage or antique thing out there. Typewriters have always been fascinating to me. They never crash, never need software updates, do not become obsolete every four years, and require no backing up. Because manual typewriters require no electricity, they’re environmentally friendly. You can work in full sunlight, and not have to worry about the glare on your screen. You can spill your drink on the keyboard and nothing terrible will happen to your typewriter. Typewriters have unlimited battery life, and never overheat. If something goes wrong with your typewriter, a screwdriver and some WD-40 are usually all you need for the repair. Typewriters give your fingers a good workout, so it kind of feels like exercise. Your eyes never hurt from staring too long at your typewriter. They will never be hacked (and My Remington Rand model 10 noiseless typewriter more then likely won't be stolen... it's pretty heavy.) Typewriters encourage your writing by providing a celebratory ding at the end of each line written (Okay fine so I don't have a ribbon in there to type with... yet :) 
       My absolute favorite thing about typewriters is they allow you to be human. You can make spelling errors and mistakes without auto correct to remind you of the strict grammar rules that come with the English language. Don't get me wrong spelling and proper punctuation is important but it's the story or letter or lyrics or thoughts that matter most, not the way you spell certain words. 
        I love to write but when I'm typing things on my computer it likes to find ways to remind me where I'm going wrong, and to me there isn't a wrong way to write (not to mention the little squiggles under all my mistakes are quite distracting). 

       For all you who are interested in owning a typewriter like mine a place to start might be They have a large selection of typewriters and other collectibles, check them out!

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  1. Love this post! Love you more, so proud of you :-)

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