Thursday, May 19, 2016

Goals and Purpose

      I think having goals in your life is having reason and direction. Purpose. If you have nothing to strive for you won't get far.
1)  To go to Appalachian State 
2) Travel to Italy, Paris, Pompeii, Rome, Germany. China, etc... with the person I love
3) Write a book 
4) Write another 
5) Touch people with my writing
6) Adopt Children and have my own
7) Go on a spontaneous adventure
8) Volunteer in another country 
9) Skydive 
10) Buy my first house
      I think people are afraid to give themselves purpose. Too scared to take risks and disappoint the others around them. If not fear it's the mindset that their life is already going in a certain direction and there isn't a chance to change it now. Having purpose will help to motivate you to keep going through the not so great parts of your "reaching of goals" process, motivation kills procrastination.
     They teach us that college is key; but never give help us figure out a reason why we should care about college. As I've stated above I'm going to college but it's only because of my parents and my own self interest in marketing. They tell us we need to know APA format for our college papers but don't have backing attached to the thought. There are people who don't try because they see others in Honors classes or AP courses and think that they're less intelligent. That the honors kids are another rung up that ladder, a step ahead in the battle. This is where it starts. The cycle in which pupils believe they can't go anywhere else in life.
                           "If I can't even make it to an honors class my freshman year, 
                            how do you think I'm going to make it to college?" - A friend
      We live in a society that gives people labels but not direction. There is no instruction manual on where to go after high school. There is no class that gives you reason to go anywhere from high school. 
        Because school and society won't teach you, I'm here to say, to encourage you all to take 30 minutes and write down at least 10 goals in life. 
         We've all been through so much in our lifetime. And while some suffer more then others were all here for a reason, we have to be. Even if you've been through hell and back YOU'RE READING THIS POST. Somewhere along the line you wrote a letter to yourself and placed it under your pillow. You kissed your own scars. YOU put cast on all the bones that were broken by sticks and stones and signed them on your own. And if you're struggling now, if you can't find a purpose search a little longer. There are 7 countries and billions of people out there. Nothing is more sad then seeing people who haven't seen the world give up on it. 

Don't give up. 

All the love,
Hugs from Hayley xx

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  1. I have no doubt you will reach every goal you set out to achieve! Love you!

    Love, Mom


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