Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My Un-Biological Sister

So many of you may have thought that my family adopted one into the family when you read the title of this post, sorry for the confusion but that is not the case here. I became acquaintances with Brianne in the fourth grade, and to be completely honest with you I say great distance from her because I thought you was totally psycho... I found my theory to be proven when I became close friends with her in the six grade but I wouldn't want her any other way then the complete crazy friend that she is. 

We call each other Un-biological sisters due to the obvious fact that neither one of our moms could've handled us as actual sisters; so God placed her in my life as a sister, just not through blood. 
To the left is another one of my good friends Jessica.

She's funny, she's got my back, she's gorgeous and she's my best friend, I love her so much and I thank God for her every day. 
~Hugs from Hayley

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  1. We love Breanne! Thankful she came into our lives :-)

    Love U!


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