Saturday, April 11, 2015

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Something that really bothers me here lately is the disrespect of our flag. My peers in the classroom rarely say the whole pledge due to standing up late or just not wanting too. As if it would hurt them to honor the flag the United States was built upon. I don't know about you but I was raised to respect the flag and to take pride in the fact that America is a free country but it came with a hefty price. Thousands of men and women fell for the freedom here in the US, the least we can do is respect that and say the pledge of allegiance. 
As long as I'm ranting here I think children in elementary school should learn more about America. Don't get me wrong, one of my favorite things to do is learn about the different customs, and cultures of other places around the world; however when you know more about foreign countries then you know about America there's a problem with that. School systems here have changed at a dramatic rate. When I was in grade school I remember learning America's National anthem or in other words the Star Spangled Banner in first or second grade. 
We were in the car about a week ago and The Star-Spangled Banner played on  Cleveland's country station. Naturally my dad took off his hat and my parents and I sang along, where as my little 3rd grade sister sat there completely clueless as to what it was we were singing. We were shocked to know that she didn't learn the anthem in school as I did. I guess up until that point my family and I just kind of assumed it was common knowledge; and that obviously something as important as the national Anthem would've been taught in school. It's funny how she learned "O Canada" (Canada's national anthem) and "The March of the volunteers" (China's national anthem) but she hasn't got a clue about America's Star-Spangled Banner. 
As for me though I'll make it a priority to teach Kathleen (my little sister) the Star-Spangled Banner and I'll continue to honor our flag with pride and teach the people around me to do the same. 
Have A good Sunday everyone!
 ~ Hugs from Hayley( ̄ε  ̄)

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  1. We are definitely a patriotic family, and Kathleen has learned of the Star Spangled Banner from us, but sadly you are correct it has not been supported at school. Good for you for speaking your mind, you're wise beyond your 13 years!

    Love, Mom


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