Thursday, July 21, 2016

A New Addition

Hello lovelies,
      I haven't been avoiding my blog or anything like that I've just been super busy with friends and family visiting us and the new house. Breanne (for any new readers, she's my best friend) flew down about a week ago or so and is staying for another week. After she leaves I will get a few posts up!

      However there is some ground breaking news from my grandparents that needs to be shared. As long as I've known my grandparents they've always had a dog; always. After loosing their last dog however they swore they'd never do it again. The heartbreak was hard on them both. But as of yesterday and almost two full years after their other dogs tragic passing they have adopted this adorable Pomeranian-Shizu mix and named her Stella!!!

Congrats to Nana and Poppop:)))

All the love 
Hugs from Hayley xx

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