Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Throughout my blog you'll discover that I love poetry. Writing it, reading it and taking it in. So of course when my teacher tells us we will be writing one, topic of our choice, I get a little excited.

Rules - 10 syllables per line and a "ababcdcdefefgg" writing pattern aka a sonnet.

It takes being the jinxed or an outcast
To understand what hiding in plain sight 
Means, even with Sun there is an overcast.
Why is his own opinion never right? 
No one cares until you've rounded third-base 
Or you’re dying, wait why are they crying?
How many more ugly words will we have to take?
Course those words hurt, what were you implying
Words of warning we couldn't have been primed 
Bullying shouldn't be used for others' clarity 
So next time before you speak keep in mind 
A bullet is cheaper than therapy,
Remember don't blame the shaken finger, 
It's always the thought behind the trigger. 

_Hayley Olivia_

Some of my friends said this made them cry and others didn't know what I meant. I think now a days people tend to over-analyze too much or try too hard to understand poetry. On that note I'll let you all decide for yourselves what this poem means.

Hope all is well,

Hugs from Hayley 

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