Thursday, September 17, 2015

Just Try to Never Grow up

There is a song by Taylor Swift called "Never grow up."
You can view this song in so many ways, from a mom's prospective, a dads, a grandmothers, Taylor's talking to her younger self, etc. But when your a big sister this song can mean a lot too. It actually brings tears to your eyes, or maybe that's just me getting all emotional.
Your little hand wraps around my finger and it's so quiet in the world tonight. The memory is vague because I was only 5 when she first came into this world and I thought it was pretty amazing. She was amazing, and still is today. It's something a big sister doesn't forget that moment when she's holding your finger and stares at you all curious like. She then proceeds to smile and you can only smile back (If I only knew how much of a pain she would be in the future I probably would've cried instead of smiled ;).
It's odd watching her grow up every day. It can be so utterly annoying one day, as she argues back; yet it can be so emotional at the same time. Her whole hand used to wrap around my one of my fingers. Her whole hand. And while physical things like her hands have changed I think it's watching her mentally mature that is crazy to watch. Kathleen is turning into a beautiful young lady, an ambitious, determined, sometimes annoying, caring, sugar loving beautiful young lady.
Kathleen as your older sister all I want for you is too have no regrets, as stated in this song, but with life comes situations that lead to regrets and I'll be here to help you through it.

There's a great big world out there kid, and I'm glad I have you as my sister to get through it. With everything I have I love you. Never lose the determination you get while learning something new. Or the power in your voice when you stick up for yourself and others. Don't lose your cocky laugh or posativity.

Just try, I know you want to, but just, for me, just try to never grow up.

Hugs from your big proud sister
I remeber wearing this dress, and I like to say that I wore it better but look how pretty you look in it! 


  1. What a sweet, wonderful post Hayley! Made me think of our youngest granddaughter and her older sis. I could see her saying the same things! You and Kathleen will grow up of course--but I have a feeling you will keep that big heart of yours.
    Blessings, Aimee


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