Saturday, September 26, 2015

Bloggy Conference

Hello loves,
Sorry this took me so long to get to; I'm in all advanced classes this year and it's definitely a lot of work! It seems like the only free time I get is on the weekends, and even still I have about five hours of homework on the dining room table waiting to get done. 
The bloggy conference happened last weekend at Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio; what better place then Cedar Point right? We stayed in the recently renovated hotel Breakers and I loved it!It was all decked out for Halloween and it looked pretty cool.

The famous restaurant Pinks

Cool looking sheep at the petting zoo

I got to talk with and learn from many different people!

Ignore my thumb haha
My mom and I received a "swag bag" of goodies, 

as well as tickets to cedar point for each day. Since we have season passes already, we gave ours away to other people to enjoy the day. A few we picked at random at the front entrance, and the look on their faces was great!
Pic taken by mom

Pic taken by mom

 To everyone who attended the bloggy conference thank you for being so kind and teaching my mom and I so much, I'll be seeing you next year at Bloggy Con 2016
~Hugs from Hayley

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