Monday, June 15, 2015

The Simple Womans's Daybook

Outside my window...
The clouds are somewhere in between dark and light. So pretty...
I am thinking... 
About riding coasters. It may sound dumb but that's all I can think about lately. For those who are unaware I was in a car accident 6-7 months ago and there was also damage to my vertebrae. Nothing serious, but i still get headaches from time especially from car rides. I am the one who tells my doctor if I'm ready to move on... actually everyone's eyes are on me. I know deep down that riding coasters right now isn't the smartest, but I'd do anything to be able to get on at least one by the end of the summer.

I am thankful that...
That I have a beautiful photogenic little sister to take pictures of
From the kitchen... 
I ate a bagel for breakfast :P
I am wearing...
Currently green skinnies and a oversized Power of The Pen Tee shirt... but i plan on getting a shower and changing into something more fashionable before I got to a volunteer training tonight.
I am creating...
A wing made out of (Lysoled) duck feathers
I am going...
To the library tonight for a volunteer training... hoping to meet new people!!!
I am reading... 
Image result for joyride by anna banks 
Joyride by Anna Banks
I am hearing...
The humming of the washing machine and the soft purring of my cat Elvis.
I am wondering…
How people don't like country music...It has more meaning then rap crap so :/

Some quotes...

One of my favorite things...
The pictures I took at this lake the other day,

 I thought this looked like a cross :)

Oh and this picture of a pink flower at a flower shop,

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week...
  •  Tomorrow I take a Photography class
  • I hope to get section 3/13 done on my Genealogy class I'm taking
  • Therapy on Wednesday
  •  Write a letter to my friend in Cali
 My Picture Thought....
 I absolutely love the way my hair and eyes get blue-r in the summer :)

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  1. Your photos are awesome!! The one of you is cute!! Have a great week!

  2. Love all of the nature pictures, Hayley. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Very nice pictures. Your little sister is gorgeous! Hope you week is awesome!

  4. Wow! You are one very busy young lady! Genealogy is awesome. I've done it for a long time now and love it! Have even found other family...Have a good week Hayley--enjoy learning more about photography and genealogy. You're doing well:)
    PS: Hope you get your coaster wish.


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