Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What a Wonderful World

Some days I hate people. I see things like abuse, pointless protest, bullying, dog fighters, users. liers, fake friends, queen bees, criminals, ignorance, overdosing, murders, critics, racist people, trashy people, and just plain mean people. 

I see videos like these that make my heart hurt and my head boil with anger.

      Illness comes, and death comes faster. With school comes stress and debt. The hardworking don't get enough vacations. People carry guns around to help secure their safety.  There are children without a family and millions of people who go hungry everyday. Cancer kicks butt no matter how hard you try to stop it. 

For every person who dies of an illness four donate blood at their local blood drive. For every cloudy day there are happy, sunny moments. There's art and there's music and there's dance. Light shines in the darkest of places and hope reflects off the most depressed faces. And there are people like these...
Who give me faith in humanity again. 

I guess the whole purpose of this post was partially remind myself that there is good people out there like the one in the video; and to remind anyone else who needed it of the same thing.

-Hugs from Hayley 

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