Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Handmade Fan Shirt, New Shoes, New glasses, and a Fabulous Friend

I'm sure many of you have seen the movie "Pitch Perfect." In this movie Rebel Wilson stars as "Fat Amy." And I created this shirt based off a few of Fat Amy's lines within the movie (you'd have to see it to understand). However for me it's not enough to be a Fat Amy I made this shirt using stencils and fabric paint along with a $7 sweater from Walmart. It turned out great! (above the 01 is my last name and it turned out perfectly fine but I blemished it for Internet safety reasons)

 I am not a Jordan's fan. I prefer Nike or champion tennis shoes; however while my friend and I were yard saleing 2 weeks ago she found this particular pair for $1.25. They were worn one or twice if at all, they were still in the box increasing the value. The shoes were her exact size so she bought them because she loves the Jordan brand, but could never afford them. After some research I discovered that they were 2010 Jordan's, leather and suede exterior and memory foam on the inside. The original price was $230. To say she got the find of the year is an understatement. Go Breanne, I taught you well. 

As for me, I scored two new pairs of shoes! The first pair (to the right) was $25 at Payless, on sale for $19. They're a 40s style, cream colored, lace, memory foam shoe and I'm obsessed with them. As far as my knock-of-brand-chucks go they were a must have. Typically I look at quality in a shoe, but this time the One Direction fangirl in me kicked in and I bought them not for quality but for looks. These originally $60 shoes were on sale for $45. The first time I tried to put them on they tore at the seem down the side... Looks like were going back to Kohl's for another pair.

 Let me start off by saying that I love my new glasses, not just because of the way they look either.
  • They weigh next to nothing and you don't even feel like they're on
  • The light charcoal goes well with my fair skin-tone (It's not as harsh as black)
  •  My vision span is bigger then it's ever been. All my life I've had narrow glasses but with these glasses it's like seeing the whole world for the whole time. I'll omit that for a while after I put my glasses on it was like just my eyes were on some kinda drug... again I had never had that much clear range of vision before ESPECIALLY under my eyes. I guess I had always accepted that past a certain point toward the ground it was going to be a bit blurry. Now that I can see every blade of grass, every elevated area, and every step I take it was actually hard to walk at first, haha.
  • No nose pads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good friends are hard to find in this world... especially in today's world. Breanne drove all the way down from PA (7 hours away) to come visit me for the second summer in a row.

I promised myself, swore, that I wouldn't cry but right after she left there I was with my make up all messed up because Goodbyes are always hard. Despite the logic there is no way you were up here for two weeks... It went by so fast. It's gonna be another long year without you friend; and it's sad we won't be going to high school together like we've talked about for so long. On the bright side it was nice to just hear a familiar voice. To be able to hug one of my closest friends again was probably the best part of my whole summer. And more then likely all of this year. And as I sat there on my front porch I wish you would've turned back in so I hug you one more time before another year here starts. But I know that's not going to happen so I'll just wish you the best with your school year too. Best wishes to you sis, I love you.
 <<< We broke a swing set

 You are never too old for dress up; so we decided to dress up from our favorite time periods. While she dressed up as a lady from the 80s I dressed up as a 40s pinup girl...

 ~Hugs and love from Hayley

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