Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Back with Some Thoughts...

Hey everybody,

    Long time no post, I know I know... It's been months actually and I'm sorry for that. I've missed writing terribly. Your favorite hippie blogger decided to take an unplanned break because
1) A trip to see my family and friends over Thanksgiving
2) I've been fighting some kind of illness that causes me to break out in spontaneous hives
3) Homework out the ying-yang
4) I get a WORKING TYPE-WRITER so I've kinda been engrossed with that

Don't worry though because I'm back now and I've had a lot of time to think which means lots of new blog posts are on the way, I have so much to share with you guys!


  People give up too easy. In a world where beautiful things are able, it seems like mankind has lost the ability to anticipate and dream. I fear that this will destroy loyalty and eventually the world. How is it that mankind is the most developed and smartest creature when they're killing their own home? Soon there won't be a place to call home.

      I find it odd how when one destroys a man-made building or creation we call it vandalism, but when an oil company puts a pipe through Native American's land we call it progress. As a matter of fact, there really isn't a "we" at all. Nobody wants to stand together anymore. Civil wars ending in blown up men, blown up minds, blown up brothers and sisters... 

     I guess all I'm saying is I think we need to remember that at the end of the day we are all a 1/7,000,000,000,000 out of mankind. And if mankind creates their own problems, we can fix them.

                                                                      All the love,
                                                                           Hayley xx

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Writers Block

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I walk into a piece, I walk out a different being. // - 12 am reading poetry

Hello everyone, 
So I have/had an incredibly cool story in my head, and now I'm turning it into words on a screen and it's suddenly dumb. Oddly, I can't think of the right words for what I'm trying to convey in this one paragraph. I  keep imagining all the reasons people are going to say my story sucks, and it paralyzes me. To put it blatantly, I have writers block. 

It's odd I can imagine my characters well and bits and pieces of the story come to me here and there but I have no idea if I should continue.  My main goal with my writing is impacting. I want to make a difference in someone life. I want my book to have a special place on someone's shelf but my self-doubt is eating me alive... Any tips???

Hope all my writer friends are having better luck than me,
All the love,
Hugs from Hayley xx

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Back in Business... Almost

 Hello lovelies,
Here are two new facts about me,
1) I'm a Jewelry Junkie
2) I've been making and selling Jewelry since I was 8. 

      My first box of beads was a gift from my aunt Gina. The box was split into three sections; one-third held silver seed beads, and the other two were filled with an assortment of glass and plastic beads. It came with a set of cutters, needle nose pliers, and stretchy string. 
        I have come a long way since stretchy string and plastic beads. I remember my parents taking me out to AC Moore and buying me all sorts of new tools and tons of beads. I was never into sports at that age so when I announced that jewelry making was going to be my shtick they were eager to help me start up something I'd enjoy. Many moms carried around dance bags or drove their kids to Saturday games; my parents carried around business cards and drove me on late night trips to craft and hobby stores because I didn't have the right charm. It was within those trips and many years from there on out that I discovered that there was a great deal more to jewelry making then I could even wrap my brain around even today. 
         For example, did you know that there are over a million types of beads? This excludes pendants because there are hundreds of different pendant options as well. For jewelry chording, there's hemp, suede, leather. Jute, paracord, chain, wire and the list goes on. Aside from the different beads and findings, there are also different types of jewelry in itself. I don't really stick to one style, I try to explore as much as I can. 

For example, these pictures feature a Victorian/Gothic necklace I've recently made.

A business for someone younger then ten seems silly but I bought my first apple product,
Creds to google images
It was over $100 at the time
and a trip the American Girl doll place located in NYC.

As seen above "raw" stones are some of my favorite to work with. Expensive? Very. But oh so worth it... these pictures really don't do a justice with these stones. I think I like them so much because when stones aren't cut you still get different variations of colors and it's kinda fun to be wearing a "nature's wonder" around your neck. 

sleepy owls and seed beads

Blown glass beads and puffin charms

Glass beads can be beautiful as well. These are some of my favorites I have created. 

Dyed blue sea shells :)

A Griffon button

Lastly my two leather chokers.


It's easy to me to create all these pieces but it'll be hard to go back into business with it. I need updated business cards, and I thought about a tee shirt to kinda self-promote if you will. We've also moved away from the family who used to buy a great deal of my Jewelry...  
I thought about an Etsy but I believe it costs money and it might be hard to be noticed among all the other shops listed on there...

If you have any suggestions let me know,

All the love
Hugs from Hayley xx

Family visits

Hello loves,

Holy moley this summer has been jam packed. From one person to the next people have been visiting like crazy! This lovely lady, aka my cousin Neve, was one of our first visitors; along with her parents, here in the new house!

It's so hard to believe that Neve has grown up much. Not that she isn't growing into the prettiest young lady, it's just crazy to think that I've known her since she was a baby and now she stands up to my shoulder! It's her first year of middle school this year and man it makes me feel old... How does time fly by so quickly?

Our time was (as usual) not enough but we had fun while they were here. 

Can't wait to see them again soon hopefully,

Hugs from Hayley xx

My Unbiological Sister's visit

Hello everyone, 
Apart from the fact that Breanne is my absolute closest friend, and calls my parent's mom and dad, she is so tan that when she walks around with my pale family she looks adopted. She lived in Florida for 3 years so she has this permanent tan thing that I am completely jealous of. 

 Anyway, she stayed for a total of two and a half weeks and we definitely did an abundance of activities while she was here. Such as our annual shopping trip!

photo creds to mom

photo creds to madre

And our not so annual finding Johnny Depp...

Or our not so annual finding of a BIGGER Johnny Depp.

 We also make sure to stop by Texas Road House while she was here because we are both steak. lovers.


However, there were many firsts this year...

Like a Tea party, by the lovely host Kathleen :)

Photo creds to mom

Photo creds to mom

Photo creds to madre

Photo creds to mom 
 So for further explanation on this picture, Kathleen decided that Musical Chairs was a must at this tea party. It was just Breanne and I fighting for that last chair. Me being me I pretended to kick her over so mom could get a picture. When the music stopped, however, I decided I was half way there and got her in the back of the knee. I was laughing so hard that I was crying while Breanne was laughing so hard she couldn't stand up.

Aka, one of the best nights of my life and an amazing concert.

We got to wear our matching Superman and Batman shirt (notice how I put Superman first and not batman, hehe). 

Photo creds to mom on this one and the pool pictures below.

We got a pool put in!!!

And went to Carowinds in one of the hottest days of the year... 

Dad got this picture of us acting like we were unaffected by the ride
We have Gold passes to Carowinds and we got into the park 30 minutes earlier than everyone else meaning we could get onto their new coaster with barely any wait. So naturally we rode it four times and went to go check something else out.

 I had to do a feature on this video because Nighthawk is probably my second favorite coaster (I've ridden over 50 roller coasters).

Maybe one of these days I won't cry when goodbyes are exchanged... 
But when you're so close to someone who lives so far away tears will be inevitable.
For everyone reading that lives close by to their friends give them an extra hug for me, and don't take living close for granted.

I wish that you find, or have a close friend that makes you not want to take the time out of the day to sleep or eat when you're with them. 

All the love,
Hugs from Hayley xx